Google Earth is Now Available for Android and iOS

Google Earth – The Amazing Product by Google is Available for Android and iOS Users. The user can take advantage of 3D Effect of Google Earth in their Mobile Handset too. As in previous Post i have described the 3D Effect, You can view Building, Terrain, Streets in more realistic and responsive way. These Apps are Free to Store as well as app that has live wallpapers for iphone 6 and if you are Geo Student or scientist and using a Google Earth for Professional work then you can switch to PRO version of Google Earth too.

Google Earth for Android

Google is trying to Port almost all of their Products for Android making Android Not Just Mobile Platform. And their Work are becoming a Success as we can feel in our circle many Friends are engage with Android. Google Earth for Android is also a step in that mission. Google Earth for Android is available on Google Play and you can download it by following the link below.

Google Earth for iOS

After the Google I/O Event, it seems Google Realized that they can’t beat the iOS in terms of quality and everything and i think the release of Google Drive, Google Chrome and Google Earth nothing but the same phenomenon. Well In iOS Devices like iPAD and iPHONE, you can take advantage of the 3D Effect of Google Earth.

3D Effect in both the Devices gives you something Different Experience. In older version of Google earth we used to look at the Scenes from only top, but in 3D Effect you can easily view inside view and more realistic one

Conclusively this is a Good try of Google to avail the facility of Google Earth in Mobile as Many users now accessing the 3G Feature in their mobile so no worries about internet connection.